6th Impro Musician Camp Hamburg | Törn Improv Festival 2019

The Impro-Musician-Camp will happen for the sixth time. From 28th till 31st of March 2019 the IMC will take place as part of the TÖRN-festival in Hamburg. There will also be the opportunity for the audience to see the participants of the IMC live on the festival stage.

In 2015 Stephan Ziron, a Berlin based impro-musician, initiated the first Impro-Musician-Camp in Potsdam. Since then musicians, who work with improvisational actors, meet at changing places all around Germany annually. The goal of the IMC is to bring musicians together, from beginners to professionals and allow for an exchange at eye level.

How does an open conference work?

At an open conference the participants decide the content and the timetable for themselves. Different to a workshop everybody gets in the discussion with what he is able to and what he has to offer. At the beginning of the camp questions and topics the musicians come with will be introduced. Then hosts will be found, who moderate the topics. There are fixed time slots, the participants will work in. When the time is up, the topic will be changed, so that way it can be avoided, that sessions become lengthy and other topics have less time. Nevertheless: no questions is irrelevant and every question can be answered – even in the breaks or in the evening at the bar.

Beside discussions and exchange of experience the participants will host sessions. The topics are self-chosen by them. Here the musicians will train each other in different fields of the practise like harmony, vocal training, vocal exercises, music in improvised scenes and a lot more, all connected to improvisation and theatre.

The camp rules

The different Fight-Club-Rule

IMC means communication. Share the date and your thoughts with others on social media, blogs, e-mail, racing pigeons…

For musicians

Even if impro-singers have offered themselves as test subjects during the last years, the IMC is for musicians (who work with impro-groups) only. It is the safe place for topics and the needs of musicians within the circle of colleagues.

There are only active participants

The sessions are as interesting as the participants will shape them. Take care of a lively discussion and participate actively in it. Passive participants paralyze the exchange.

Timeslots yes, plan no

There will be timeslots for the topics, so that as many as possible of the questions can be answered and discussions won’t go out of hand. The timetable ist set by the participants themselves. It emerges from the questions.


Every participant brings questions to the IMC and determines the process of the camp. The musicians decide democratically, which questions and needs are very important. They will build a ranking. Every question will be taken as an offer.

My interest

We will have the possibility to have parallel sessions. When there are two groups, we can split in two rooms. Follow your interest!

Yes and! No fear.

Even when your question isn’t so clear, you feel uncomfortable or alone with it,
bring it to the timetable. You would be astonished, which questions we have already solved, even when it was hard to find words for them.

Join in

Join in and be active! The IMC needs active participants to keep the exchange lively and interesting. It doesn’t matter, how much experience in impro-music you have.


dok europe e.V
Internationales Bildungszentrum
Bodenstedtstraße 16
(Backyard Entrance West)
22765 Hamburg


Thursday march 28th_____Arrivals possible

Friday march 29th
From 3pm___________arrivals possible
7.30pm – 9 pm ______open improv music session

Saturday march 30th
9.30am______________good morning & coffee
10am-5.30pm_______IMC working sessions

Sunday march 31st
9.30am_____________good morning & coffee
10am-1pm_________IMC working sessions
1pm________________feedback & goodbye

changes reserved

Participation fee

If you play as a musician with improvising groups and / or perform, then you are at the right IMC. The camp costs you only 69 Euro participation fee. It contains coffee & water throughout the IMC. Your instruments should be brought to the camp if possible.


Deadline for registration: 02/28/2019

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